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Your Guns Are Theory. My Guns Are Fact.

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Business is booming in this small-town gun shop

Nearly half of those first-time gun owners were women, and that aligns with Carey’s expanded customer base. “The female first-time gun owner has been growing for a while, but it surged even more last year when the pandemic hit,” said Carey.


Carey said it increased even further during the protests that started last summer. Women were interested in not just protecting themselves but also their families and loved ones. He said, “Whether you’re a male or female, you have the right to protect yourself and your family, and that right starts to get attention when people feel things are unstable in the world.”

Wonder how many of them will end up voting for the gun-grabbing progressive tickets?  OTOH, how many of them actually did vote against the gun-grabbers, only to have their votes fraudulently destroyed or switched in the Big Steal?

Carey said the “defund the police” movement also sparked interest in the firearms from people who told him they never once considered buying a gun. “A lot of the same people that said, ‘You know what? It’s OK. We don’t need guns because the police are going to protect us,’ quickly changed their tune and said, ‘Why the hell do I want to give up gun rights if they’re going to get rid of the police?’” he said of numerous interactions with first-time buyers. “People wanted to be empowered to protect their families.”

The level of dumb in that statement approaches nuclear levels.  

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Still, overall it is good news that more people continue to wake up to reality.  One of the best protections against the gun ban and confiscation schemes of the liberal fascist left in America is to have as many gun owners as possible.

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If all politics is personal, there is little more personal than the sudden realization that they want to take my gun away from me.


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