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NRCC Chairman: 47 Democrat Seats Targeted in Push to Win House |

The National Republican Congressional Committee is working to move past the events of January. It has targeted 47 Democrat-held seats in its push to reclaim the House in 2022 and plans to renew its focus on “the stuff that matters to people,” its chairman, Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., says.


“Renew?”  Renew what, exactly?

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You mean like illegal immigration, which you f*cktards resolutely ignored, not only refusing to actually build a wall, but also refusing to do anything about Voter ID, to curb illegal alien voting, and instituting mandator E-Verify, which not only would have stopped the flow of illegals, it would have reversed it as millions of them, unable to find jobs, would have self deported?

And you did this when your party controlled both houses of congress, and the White House?

Fuck you.

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Here.  Listen to this.

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