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White House Lawyers Seem Worried Kamala Harris’s Niece Could Be “Hunter Biden 2.0”

Well, well, well, it looks like the Harris clan is as scheming and money-grubbing as the Bidens are.


Kamala Harris’s niece is doing her best to cash-in on her aunt’s newly carved out position that was bestowed upon her.

Meena Harris has been using her aunt’s face and name to boost up her brand and make money and given the Biden’s shameful reputation with this, the White House isn’t taking any chances.

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They don’t want a “Hunter Part Two,” so they fired off a warning to Moochig Meena.


Meena Harris, an outspoken left-wing activist and children’s book author, has a rich history of making bank off of the name of her aunt, Vice President Kamala Harris — so much so that White House lawyers have reportedly told the niece to cease.

The Biden-Harris White House has reportedly become increasingly concerned about the ethical implications of Meena Harris’ exploitive entrepreneurship, Fox News reported. A White House official told the Los Angeles Times that the niece was informed by administration attorneys she could not produce any products that used the vice president’s name or likeness.

After being “briefed” on the rules she must follow after Kamala Harris was elected, Meena Harris still flew on a private plane to the inauguration with a Biden donor and shared images of the trip on Instagram, according to the LA Times.

A Harvard-trained lawyer, she also continues to sell sweatshirts on her online store featuring the viral quote spoken by her aunt during the vice presidential debate, “I’m speaking.”

Meena Harris defended her actions in a statement to the Times, provided by a public relations firm.

“Since the beginning of the campaign, I have insisted on upholding all legal and ethical standards and will continue to strictly adhere to the ethics rules of the Biden/Harris White House,” she reportedly said.

“With regards to Phenomenal, it was always our plan to remove the likeness of the Vice President from the website before the Inauguration, and refrain from using her likeness in any products or campaigns going forward,” the statement added.


It’s not shocking that Kamala would have a moochy niece, who’s trying to cash in on her aunt’s big title that was given to her…typical Democrat, right?

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I think we’ll also be seeing Hunter the schemer splash back onto the scene. It may take a while since he just got a book advance…he’ll need to buy a lot of crack to use up a million-plus.

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