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[VIDEO] Viciously Cruel Letterman Interview With Lindsey Lohan, Where He Makes Her Cry, Resurfaces

I saw this video floating around online, and I finally watched it.


I scrolled past it several times thinking, “I don’t care what one smug liberal said to another…”

Boy, am I glad I finally stopped and watched it. I was actually horrified by what I saw on a human-level.

Here you’ll see David Letterman, the self-proclaimed “loving liberal” who condemns President Trump for being a “full-blown monster,” literally tormenting, taunting, and cruelly bullying a woman on live TV for laughs.

It’s literally verbal and emotional abuse.

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It got so bad, and he treated her so viciously, that she actually broke down in tears.

He behaves like a heartless sociopath.

This is a man who holds himself on a much higher moral high-ground above all others. So much so, that he has the audacity to preach to you and me about how “racist” and “evil” we are because of who we voted for. All the while, he’s treating a young woman who is suffering from addiction, like a piece of utter trash.

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This is so cruel and so shocking, I could hardly believe what I was watching.


Actually, Wayne Dupree said it best in his description of this horrific video:

Here’s what he said: “Letterman was wrong for this and everybody knows it. You can use #CancelCulture all you want but some individuals shouldn’t be allowed on a public stage if they plan to character assassinate someone like this without notice. The media does it all the time and they’re wrong too”


You can watch the video below:

There is nobody on earth who treats women with more disrespect and contempt than a liberal man with power.

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And the men in Hollywood are the worst of all.


This video here showcases the evilness and hypocrisy on the left better than any other.

It’s not Trump or his supporters who are nasty and evil – it’s liberal men…and the women are so beaten down and controlled by them, that they’re too afraid to stand up and call it for what it is: Liberal men hate women.

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