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[VIDEO] Trump’s Lawyer Obliterates Nasty CBS Reporter, Rips Off Mic, Ends Interview

Clearly, President Trump picked a savage, effective, and amazing legal team.


Not only did they get him acquitted in record time, but they destroyed the Dems with a series of montage videos showcasing their party’s violence and hypocrisy for all the world to see.

It was amazing.

And speaking of destroying the Dems, President Trump’s lead attorney Michael Van Der Veen kept that “destruction theme” going even after the impeachment was over.

He appeared on CBS News after the Senate acquitted President Trump and proceeded to keep calling out the Dems for faking evidence and completely bypassing the rule of law during the impeachment sham.

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As you’d imagine, the CBS “reporter,” or “Dem Propaganda Artist” as she’s better known – did everything in her power to defend the Dems and try and attack President Trump – but she wasn’t ready for Van Der Veen, who literally obliterated her and the entire DNC propaganda media with pinpoint precision.

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His best line…”You are bloodthirsty for ratings.”


By the end of the combative nasty interview, Van Der Veen had enough and ripped off his mic, leaving the woman with a dopey look on her smug face.

That’s how you handle and destroy the media. Bravo!

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from folks who watched the interview:


“He destroyed her & the machine!!”

“Love this guy!”

“Gave me the warm & fuzzies!!”

“Excellent beat down by President Trumps attorney. Let’s hope America listens up & shut the media down on the division hate & discontent! Dems so angry! They are full on to the destruction,division of the USA. They hate President Trump that much. Childish,dangerous, disgusting!”

“The incessant MSM assault on reason and truth to the point of saturation…is NOT a victimless offense. It’s a crime that will negatively reshape human destiny. And must be treated as such.”

“Boy oh boy. Just cannot be humbled to admit failure when they’re caught in their own lies. That’s why their ratings…for ALL OF THEM that kowtow to the political lies…are sinking. SUNK. And it’s about time.”

“What a loser this reporter is…This is the problem with America today! The media is inciting the violence by brainwashing people with misinformation. Shame on her!”

“I can watch this over and over again. If Trump gets back in the White House. this guy needs a spot.”


Indeed, this is the kind of guy that President Trump needs by his side at all times.

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No more “swamp creatures.”


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