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[VIDEO] Paris, The “City of Love” Looks More Like Skid Row Now

What the heck is happening in Paris, France y’all?!


We’ve been slowly seeing a steep decline in the city, but this video depicts something truly unimaginable.

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You see the streets lined with mattresses, garbage and people, as well as looting and rioting.

Looks like a great place for that next vacation, huh?

Watch the video:

Twitter users were also shocked by the stark decline in Paris’ culture.

Looks like Biden’s America in few years

I went to Paris in 2013 and it must have been the last decent year in that city. It was so beautiful,far from what started to be seen in 2014 and especially now.These Globalist leaders & ruining Western culture,right at the cradle of Western history:Europe!Regrettable & very sad!

Its like the whole world is on a drive to try and look like Africa 😳🤣

Socialist policy doesn’t work……..I lived in France 11 years. Discourage employment, absurd high minimum wage, impossible to fire a worker, ……have to pay 3 years salary….has created this “socially just” mess.

Wow for a second there I thought it was Seattle

It looks a lot like San Francisco.


This is what crazy socialist policies do to a city folks.

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Just look at cities like San Fran, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and more.

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