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[VIDEO] Hundreds of Trump Supporters Breech Capitol Building and Overrun Federal Police

Trump supporters are furious and they’re storming the Capitol building and they’re now fighting with federal police.

Word just came down that VP Mike Pence wouldn’t make any move to stop this sham election.


Frustrated and angry Trump supporters, who believe their votes were stolen, have now stormed the barricades at the back of the Capitol and are heading towards the building where the vote to certify Biden is happening right now.

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You can watch the videos below:

They’re now facing off with federal police officers as they try and get in to “occupy” the building.

This is the start of the Revolution – a revolution brought on by Dems, China, and the GOP, all because they wanted to get rid of Trump.

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How did they think this would go down? That we would just quietly accept an installed president?


I’m sorry, but if you know anything about Americans and their spirit, you should know that they will not stand by while their voices and their votes are stolen and canceled.

Pray for everyone involved. Pray for our broken country.


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