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[VIDEO] Flights All Across the Nation Are Being “Hijacked” By MAGA!

The hype surrounding the events planned for January 6th is really kicking into high gear.


All over social media there are videos of Trump supporters showing up and loudly voicing their support for our president on many different airlines.

Check it out:

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Of course conservatives all over Twitter are geeked to see this outpouring of support.

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But then there’s the bitter liberals who can’t stand to see anyone enjoy themselves, with some hoping the planes suffer malfunctions and some wishing COVID-19 on these supporters

sad and pathetic

You sing about as well as you fight elections. Dreadfully.

Never have I wanted a Boeing 737 max to suffer catastrophic software problems more

That flight home is going to be quiet. Like after losing the superbowl. There will be some crying and probably like 6 cases of COVID.

Got it
Amazing IS a new word for stupid

There’s not going to be 4 more years


These people are sad and pathetic…

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It’s like their entire lives are just dedicated to spewing negativity.

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