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[VIDEO] Disheveled Pelosi Loses Her Cool on Live TV After Trump’s Acquittal

Today Trump officially overcame the Dems ridiculous impeachment for a second time.

And needless to say, many of the Democrats are humiliated by this loss and are currently licking their wounds.


But Pelosi isn’t taking this loss as quietly and absolutely lost it on live television following Trump’s acquittal.

Watch the video:

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She is such an unhinged loon.

Of course, conservatives online loved seeing her meltdown and couldn’t hep but twist the knife following her humiliating loss.

  She just called her colleagues “cowardly”. What the heck is wrong with these people?? Disgusting.

When is Nancy Pelosi going to go to work for the American people. She’s been working for the Democratic Party and her own special interests. Do the work for the American people. Stop playing games.

She’s freaking out 😂

She’s absolutely fuming 😂I love it.

Holy crap, that’s one salty robot. 😂

I think nutty Nancy finally lost her last marble 🤣

Give her a piece of paper to tear in half.


All jokes aside, it’s pretty glorious watching Pelosi meltdown like this.

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I’m sure there will be many more to follow!

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