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[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Busted on Fox News “Hot Mic” Showing His True Liberal Colors

Before I even begin this story – I wanted to tell you something that will make you chuckle.


Yesterday, “bipartisan journalist,” Chris Wallace told the few viewers Fox News has left, that Joe Biden’s lackluster and unremarkable “inauguration” speech was the best thing he’s ever heard in his entire life.

Well, he wasn’t quite that absurd, but close enough…he was slobbering all over the dang thing.

But honestly, Wallace should feel proud of himself – after all, he’s the guy who actually picked up crippled, bumbling ol’ Joe and carried him on his back throughout the entire first debate. Things got so absurd, that at one point Wallace was actually debating President Trump.

That’s how hard Chris worked to get joe elected.

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Well, today wasn’t much better for Chris Wallace, who was busted on a hot mic behaving like the complete and total liberal that he is.

From Bizpacreview

During Fox News’ coverage of the inauguration Wednesday, journalist Brit Hume pointed out that the pandemic “is well on the way to a solution” thanks to the vaccine developed by the Trump administration. But as he spoke, Wallace was briefly heard on a hot mic seemingly disputing this.

Hume had at the time been speaking with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about his perception of Biden’s inauguration speech.

“I would point out a couple of things. The president did talk about what a crisis we’re in. We’ve got the crisis in the environment, the COVID crisis and the rest of that. I think, however, for all the talk of that — and the media are full of this talk —  the situation is one more friendly to Biden than he may have expected,” he began.

Why? Because of the vaccine.

“For example, COVID. Everybody wants to say that the COVID crisis is getting worse, and the numbers certainly suggest that. But we have a vaccine. And we believe and have every reason to believe it works. There’s some serious distribution issues that I suspect will be fairly quickly resolved,” Hume continued.

“And that is what we’ve hoped for from the beginning, that there would be a vaccine. We never thought we’d have one as soon as now. We thought it’d be way into next year, maybe beyond before we got one. So that’s one big problem that’s well on the way to a solution that he faces. And look around the world …”

It was around this point that his microphone, which had already been intermittently breaking in and out, broke out completely. And as it broke out, what Wallace was saying in the background could be heard.


You can watch the video below:

The mask is off…Chris Wallace is Shep Smith on steroids and he can’t keep his Dem donkey in the barn anymore.

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And I will tell you this much – if Fox News ever has a prayer of getting back on top, they’ll need to give Chris (among others) the boot. But Chris is the guy with the biggest target on his back from MAGA viewers.

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I see Chris going the way of Shep, in terms of popularity, but probably a heck of a lot worse.


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