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[VIDEO] Biden Made The WH Look Like a Nursing Home For Valentine’s Day

Joe Biden is still trying to desperately “unite” this country that he and other Democrats helped to divide.

And this latest attempt has gotta be one of his lamest one’s yet.


In this cringeworthy video, Biden and his wife Jill are seen standing in front of chintzy Valentine’s Day cutouts, talking about how they hope their love will inspire people during these dark times.

Watch the video:

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Yikes. That is seriously uncomfortable to watch.

Not only is is a pathetic attempt at any unification, but Joe and Jill certainly don’t give off the vibe that they’re madly in love.

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Even though the media loves to portray them as the most epic love story ever, Jill’s ex-husband actually claims that Jill was having an affair with Joe before the two of them split.

From Inside Edition

Dr. Jill Biden has denied her ex-husband’s claims. In a statement to Inside Edition, her spokesman said, “These claims are fictitious, seemingly to sell and promote a book. The relationship of Joe and Jill Biden is well documented. Jill Biden separated from her first husband irreconcilably in the fall of 1974 and moved out of their marital home. Joe and Jill Biden had their first date in March of 1975, and they married in June of 1977.”

Stevenson has been married to his second wife, Linda, for 34 years. He insists he isn’t out for revenge.

“Listen. I’ve said from the very beginning, I have no hard feelings about Joe, Jill, the affair. It means nothing to me now,” Stevenson said. “Everybody’s saying, ‘Bill, you’re being so mean bringing this up now.’ But if I don’t do it now it’s never going to be able to be brought up.”


Pretty interesting huh?

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Turns out no marriage is perfect and the Biden’s is certainly far from it.

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