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[VIDEO] Active Duty Marines Mock President Trump During Biden’s “Inauguration”

Sometimes I come across a video and it bothers me so much I just keep scrolling to forget about it.


This is one of those videos.

I just find this so sad and disgusting.

But, I didn’t keep scrolling this time. I decided to bring it to you because we need to pay really close attention to what’s happening with the military.

I know the bulk of the military supports Trump, but what we’re seeing right now is the “start” of the turn away from conservatism. 

It’s actually been happening for a while now, we’re just starting to see the outcome.

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The same thing happened with Christianity. The left infiltrated Christianity and now we have a full LGBTQ movement going on and abortion-acceptance is soon to follow.

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Same thing with education. Remember when it was just liberal “colleges” that were teaching anti-American filth?

Now it’s high schools, jr. high, and even grade schools. The same thing is happening with the medical field, it’s being politicized and weaponized by the left.

As conservatives, we just constantly give away our traditions and beliefs to people who hate us. All because we’re afraid of being called “mean names.”

..and it’s killing our movement.


So, in the spirit of “getting serious before it’s too late,” please watch this video of two Marine officers mocking President Trump.

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You can watch the video below:

I hope you understand why I wanted to share this gross video with you…


Maybe these two don’t represent the majority of the military, but they do represent what’s coming if we don’t stop being scared and start standing up for our beliefs, shamelessly.


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