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Tucker the Target

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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says Soros, Bloomberg & Bezos-Funded Groups Targeting His Show | Newsbusters

Also probably the owners of his network.

Carlson expressed his disbelief at the “cowardice and the complicity of the entire media class in all of this. At some point the revolution is going to end.” Carlson continued: “[T]he kids at Politico and The Daily Beast and CNN and NBC are going to be standing there, and someone’s going to ask them, you know, ‘Why didn’t you say something as they hurt people for saying what they thought was true?’ And what are they going to say, do you think?”

The answer Davis gave was short and to the point: “Oh, they’ll pretend it was somebody else’s fault. This is what they all do.”

The revolution will not end until its opponents are all dead, as well as a significant portion of the revolutionaries themselves.

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At least this is what history teaches us about these things.

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