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Trump Appointments Have Created A Six Vote Lefty Majority on SCOTUS

Daily Pundit

#MuhJudges: Kavanaugh and Barrett Refuse to Consider Illegal Ballot-Counting Changes in Pennsylvania

Before the inauguration: Not timely


After the certification: Moot


It’s almost as if they’re willing to resort to claiming any ol’ doctrine to avoid saying that you’re not allowed to violate the Constitution when you change election rules last-minute.


Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas dissented.

Kavanaugh and Barrett have been two of Trump’s biggest disappointments.  Up until recently I thought SCOTUS might actually become a defender of the unalienable right to keep and bear arms guaranteed  by the Second Amendment.

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Now I am not even remotely confident that will be the case.

Barrett, in particular, is a huge let down.  Is her only issue abortion?  And if so, what a waste, because abortion is not going to be outlawed by anybody.

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