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Tim Tebow Strengthens Bond With Israel With Charity Event

Washington Free Beacon

Outspoken Christian and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow expanded his support of Israel by cosponsoring a charity event in the nation Friday.

Tebow’s charity foundation is sponsoring the Night to Shine event, a virtual prom for children with special needs. The event is occurring largely remotely, but features a small number of people able to gather because they receive in-person care by the event’s host, an essential service provider.

“Night To Shine celebrates thousands of people with special needs across over 700 churches in the United States and over 50 countries abroad, and this year a small gathering in Israel was able to be a part of the incredible worldwide celebration,” the event’s organizers said in a statement. “The event’s message of love and worth is especially important amid the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of the pandemic.”

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Tebow, who was on four different NFL teams between 2010 and 2015 before leaving the league to try a career in Major League Baseball, has been an outspoken supporter of the Jewish state.

He described his visit to Israel in 2018 as “incredible” and encouraged more religious Americans to go. He said the country’s religious history makes Israel “special” and highlighted his visits to several historical sites on social media.

“Why would you not want to make the choice to come here?” he said when interviewed by Christians United for Israel. “If it can be something that can be confirming for you and encouraging for you, and you can walk away a different person, being more inspired to live out your faith every day.”

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Tebow has also been outspoken on his pro-life views. He appeared at the 2021 March for Life where he highlighted his faith and his personal story. He also appeared in a 2010 Super Bowl advertisement where his mother shared how she refused to have an abortion, though she was advised to due to a health emergency.

Pro-life advocacy remains Tebow’s highest priority despite a storied college career, a playoff run that involved an iconic overtime win, and a stint with the 2012 New York Jets. He said he wants to be remembered for his work combating abortion.

“One day, when you look back and people are talking about you and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you going to be known for?’ Are you going to say Super Bowl, or we saved a lot of babies?” Tebow said.

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