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They’re Coming to Take You Away Ha Ha


A long long time ago in a land far far away, it was the 1980’s and I was a teenager. 

I had a record player and found my mom’s 45’s. She had a few that I really liked. They were kind of odd “novelty songs” like Iko Iko, The Name Game and the only Beatles song that I can tolerate – When I’m Sixty-Four.

One of the records I played over and over again was “They’re Coming to Take Me Away (Ha Ha)”, a song that came out in 1966 and got to Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It was sang by Napoleon XIV.

If you haven’t ever heard the song, you should give it a listen at least once. It’s pretty short but it’s interesting. Click here for the You Tube link.

When I read recently that crazy New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo could get the power to throw people in Coronavirus Concentration Camps, the song immediately came to mind.

Never one to sit back on his rear end when there is tyranny to commit, the Governor is most likely salivating at the possible power to “remove or detain” people suspected of having a contagious disease (it doesn’t even have to be COVID-19).

Amnon Free Press:  Mexico's president won't congratulate Biden on election win until legal challenges over (Reuters)

Yep, there is legislation out there that actually says this.

Remove or detain. 

And the government only has to “suspect” you of being contagious with something. They don’t have to prove it.

Are Cooties contagious? Democrat ones sure are. Psychologically as well as physically.

Introduced by psycho Democrat Noah Nicholas Perry in the New York State Assembly, the legislation would allow the governor to remove or detain a person deemed to be a “suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease” who would “pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health.”

I can tell you who poses a significant threat to EVERYONE’S health.

That would be the democrats.

Gee, if this law passed, I wonder how many of Cuomo’s political enemies are going to start “disappearing”???

Once the democrats whisk you away, you will end up in a “medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor.”

Due process? 


Can you refuse?


Can you get an attorney?


Do you retain any constitutional rights?


Will the Second Amendment still exist to protect yourself?

Probably not.

Who will be left to take care of your kids or your pets?

The democrats don’t care.

Amnon Free Press:  Hunter Biden subpoena seeks info on Burisma, other entities (Associated Press)

How will you pay your bills?

The democrats don’t care.

Will you lose your job while you’re gone?


But don’t worry – the legislation won’t allow you to be detained more than sixty days without a court order for your detention. How nice.

And so I say…

Enough is enough people.

The writing is on the wall and it has been for years really.

How much are you going to put up with?

But the time you start activating and pushing back, it’ll be too late.

The leftists will have already rounded you up and put you in a small room on an island in China somewhere.

So enjoy the blue waters, the sunshine and the sand while you are there and smile for your captors so they don’t kill you on purpose – because there’s nothing to stop them.

And here’s a little ditty that you can sing to entertain yourself while you languish in your democratic accommodations…

They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha

They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha

to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time,

and I’ll be happy to see

those nice young men in their clean white coats

Amnon Free Press:  Beijing Biden

and they’re coming to take me away ha ha

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on January 6, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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