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The Hodgetwins DESTROY Leftists Over Their Racist ‘8 White Identities’

Louder With Crowder

Leftists for decades have pushed their agenda by dividing Americans into groups and playing them against each other. It’s how they push their agenda. Break people down into groups based on their race, gender, sexual preference, or religion (as long as it isn’t Jesus-based). Anyone who disagrees does so purely because they are an -ist guilty of -isms. The crown jewel was eight years of President Obama. Where, if you disagreed with him on any issue ranging from effective health care policy to taxes to what color suit he wore, you were a raaaaaaaaacist. When that didn’t work and the voters turned to Donald Trump, leftists lost their minds. Now the game is about othering white people.

Corporations are making employees learn how to be less white. White liberals are associating things like individualism and having both parents with white people, therefore making those things are racist. Then you have New York City principals sending kids home to confront parents on their whiteness with the “8 White Identities.” What is that, you ask, other than a bunch of horsesh*t? I’ll let the Hodgetwins explain.

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The 8 White Identities

To those of you white folk wondering how to identify, here are your choices:

White Supremacist
White Voyeurism
White Privilege
White Benefit
White Confessional
White Critical
White Traitor
White Abolitionist

It’s basically like Dungeons & Dragons. A game I’m sure is also racist for some reason. Only instead of being a chaotic good Paladin, you’re a white critical cracker. Wallowing in your whiteness and how bad it makes you feel. This is how leftists think we’re going to combat racism. By creating more racism where it didn’t exist before. And by also knowing no one will speak out because leftists bully people into silence. If this were a take-home assignment sent home with one of my kids, silence would not be an option.

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The irony in all this is that most of this crap is pushed by woke WHITE people. Most African-Americans and other hypenated-Americans roll their eyes at this as much as any white person to the left of Robin DiAngelo does. They just ask that I don’t bring the potato salad to the cookout.

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