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The DOJ Is Considering Not Prosecuting 800 Trump Supporters for Storming US Capitol – Since Most Were Just Trespassing and Non-Violent

The Gateway Pundit

The DOJ is debating whether to charge Trump supporters for committing crimes on January 6th at the US Capitol.

Around 800 who were inside the US Capitol were just trespassing and were non-violent.  They were unarmed and did not know what they were doing was a crime.

Hundreds were let in by the Capitol Police.

On January 6th 2020 as President Trump was still giving his speech at the Ellipse by the White House, Vice President Mike Pence announced that he was going to ignore the crimes involved in the 2020 election.  At about the same time, members of far left Antifa and Boogaloo Bois showed up at the US Capitol and began confronting police.  The crowd managed to storm the US Capitol.  Hundreds of Trump supporters were allowed into the building by police who were seen opening doors to the giant crowd outside.  Numerous Trump supporters followed the more violent protesters into the Capitol.

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The Capitol police at this time was pepper spraying people without warning and began shooting flash bangs and tear gas into the crowd.

Four Trump supporters were killed during the siege.   One unarmed veteran was shot by a Capitol policeman who still remains unnamed.  We still know little about what happened to those four other Americans including a US Capitol police officer who died that day:

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It is clear today that Antifa activists were there at the Capitol causing damage and celebrating the violence.  We also know that a CNN reporter was with the Antifa goons running through the Capitol:

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Look for the DOJ to charge hundreds of protesters to set an example to the American people.  Many of the protesters were let in and may not have known what they were doing was illegal.  And look for the mainstream media to continue to compare the siege to terrorist attacks.

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