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The best boozy advent calendars available in Australia 2020

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Advent calendars aren't just for the kids.

There's no better way to add to the excitement of a Christmas countdown than with a calendar full of goodies.

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It's like 24 miniature Christmases wrapped up in one place, gifting us a tiny bit of joy each day in the lead up to the main event.

Unlike with other advent calendars where there may be a gift or two you wouldn't have picked for yourself, boozy calendars with your pick of poison are guaranteed to be used up.

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Whether its beer, wine gin, vodka or whisky, there's an advent calendar sure to tickle every tastebud.

We've rounded up the best selection of calendars below, now you just have to BYO glass.

Maddison Hockey
The best boozy advent calendars available in Australia 2020

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24 Days of Rum Christmas Calendar, $199, shop it from Dan Murphy's <br><br>

This fancy collection of rums comes with the suave box to match and a whole month's worth of high quality corked liquors.

(Dan Murphy’s)

Drinks of the Dram 12 Days of Rum, $99, available from Dan Murphy's <br><br>

Ho ho ho and a bottle, or 12, of rum is sure to delight this Christmas. The 30ml glass bottles are filled with rums from around the world.

Drinks of the Dram 12 Drams of Whisky, $99, available from Dan Murphy's<br><br>

Although unlikely, if 24 days of whisky is a little much, a 12 day option is available – and makes the perfect gift under $100.

(Dan Murphy’s)

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar, $227, available from Master of Malt<br><br>

Includes 24 different wax-sealed glass drams by 21 Scottish distilleries.

Master of Malt

ALDI 12 days of Gin and Christmas Cheer, $59.99 available at ALDI. <br><br>

These assortments of Gin from around the world are sure to put you in the mood for Christmas cheer.


24 Days of Cognac, $279, shop it here. <br><br>

One for the fancy folks and brandy lovers, this calendar features 25 different bottles of Cognac.

(Dan Murphy’s)

Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar, $152, available from Master of Malt <br><br>

Vodka lovers are often overlooked but luckily this Master of Malt calendar is more than compensating with some of the world's best.

(Master of Malt)

ALDI's 12 Days of Craftmas Calendar, $39.99 from select ALDI stores.
If regular beer is a bit meh for you, try out this selection of 12 Australian craft beers from ALDI.


Drinks by the Dram 12 Days of Christmas Gin, $74.99 from Dan Murphy's stores and online.
This genius gift box features 12 x 30ml bottles of gin, all packaged up perfectly in a cute Christmas-themed box and includes exotic flavours such as Yuzu, Cherry, Cucamelon, Spit Roasted Pineapple.

(Dan Murphys)

Vinebox's 12 Nights of Wine, $129 from
Countdown to the start of the silly season with this chic box featuring 12 glasses of world class wines, packaged up beautifully in sealed test tubes, perfect for when you want "just the one" glass at the end of a tough day. There's a selection of both red and wine whites.


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