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Ted Cruz Strikes Back: Media’s Obsessed with Me Because They Don’t Have Trump

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There are people who feel you should never apologize in politics. I’m not one of them. If you feel you made a mistake and want to apologize, you should. Even if you know your political opponents will be complete and total douchelords about it. I do however believe you should only apologize once. Ted Cruz did that over the whole Mexico thing. Normies can move on with their lives if they even cared in the first place. But the people who work at CNN and MSNBC are not normies. Allegedly.

Cruz sat down with Sean Hannity last night. The interview was about the MUCH MORE IMPORTANT TOPIC of Merrick Garland’s attorney general hearing. But the opportunity for a snarky dig at the end presented itself.

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Ted Cruz: Merrick Garland basically ‘dodged’ every question

I think the media is suffering from Trump withdrawal. They’ve attacked Trump every day for four years, they don’t know what to do, so they obsessed over my taking my girls to the beach.

To be fair, though, the media aren’t JUST obsessed with Ted Cruz. They also can’t help themselves over Ron DeSantis, whom they most recently attacked for *checks notes* effectively vaccinating Florida’s seniors. Plus any chance they have to run back to Trump, they do, like anyone else in an abusive relationship does. But Cruz definitely rounds out the top three. Anything that allows the media not to spend too much time on Joe Biden’s alleged plan to “reopen” schools. Or admit they were wrong about Andrew Cuomo.

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Ten bucks say the media even use this hit to obsess over the Cruz family even more. “Ted Cruz Blames the Media.” No, Ted Cruz took responsibility. He just also pointed out how much the media sucks at life. Multiple things can be true.

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