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Ted Cruz Exposes the Truth About Impeachment and Democrats’ ‘Political Theater’

Louder With Crowder

Donald Trump is not going to be convicted. The impeachment trial is a joke, regardless of how you feel about him or what happened on January 6. Disagree if you want; I’m merely stating an opinion. Remember how Democrats used to have a presidential candidate who wore a big button that said “Math?” The math isn’t there. You need two-thirds of senators to convict. Two-thirds of senators will not vote to convict. Instead of presenting proof of high crimes, the Democrat case is mostly nitpicking over rhetoric. And I say this as someone who, quite frankly, is over needing to constantly have an opinion on Trump things.

This week in Washington is all political theater. Or, as Ted Cruz lays out, an excuse for Democrats to remind us once again how much they hate Donald Trump.

Rather than address the real problems, the real challenges we have in this country, rather than focus on getting kids back in school and getting tens of millions of Americans back to work, the Democrats want a week of just political theater raging at Donald Trump.

I have to correct Ted Cruz because the Democrats do have a plan for schools. Their plan is to have 50% of them open at least one day a week and call that successful. Though I’m not sure about the pipeline workers who are suddenly out of work.

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My advice to you? Keep an eye on what the left tries doing WHILE the impeachment trial is going on. The trial itself is gonna be Democrats saying some things, Republicans saying some things, and in the end, everyone voting along party lines. Pay more attention to the Biden White House and any bills leftists try promoting over the next few days. We’re going to want to circle back to those after the Senate fails to convict a private citizen.

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