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Supreme Court Orders Release of Donald Trump’s Tax Returns, But Don’t Get Too Excited …

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The Supreme Court was busy ruling and ordering things left and right today. One decision is that Donald Trump’s tax returns can be released. To the excitement of maybe Ted Cruz, because the media has a new story to focus on that doesn’t affect the American people. $1.9 trillion in “relief” spending that may or may not provide relief. Congressmen shrugging shoulders at policies putting people out of work. Yet the big news of the day is that the former president can’t stop his tax returns from getting released.

Before you get too excited, it’s not to the public.

The ruling does not mean the returns will become public any time soon, and they might never be publicly released. Under state law, materials turned over to a grand jury must be kept secret. But Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance can now require Trump’s accountants to turn over the records that the president has steadfastly refused to surrender to prosecutors or Congress.

So you and I don’t get to see what’s in them. If you even cared to. I know I didn’t. But because the media and the Democrats spent four years acting like the fate of the free world rested on Trump’s tax returns, it’s the big story of the day. All the Supreme Court did was rule Trump’s accountants couldn’t stop a district attorney from requiring them to be turned over. Only the DA and possibly a grand jury can see what’s in them. The rest of us have to wait until the DA or a grand jury member leaks the returns to Brian Stelter.

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At which point the returns will prove … meh. Trump is a private citizen now. I know the media needs him to constantly be in the news because the media has no self-respect. I’m more concerned with whether or not Joe Biden is going to demand schools reopen. Or how much more expensive (allegedly) all of his policies we tried to warn you about are going to make energy and cost of living.

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