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Steven Crowder Tells Dave Rubin ‘Final Straw’ That Led to His Facebook Lawsuit

Louder With Crowder

You may not have heard we’re suing Facebook. If not, we’re suing Facebook. It’s been a long time coming. Ironically enough, it was because of Facebook issues that Crowder was first introduced to Bill Richmond. Bill and Crowder sat down with Dave Rubin, where the bossman explained what the final straw was that led to the suit.

The Final Straw that Launched My Facebook Lawsuit (Pt. 1) | Steven Crowder | COMEDY | Rubin Report

The issue becomes when you can no longer actually do your work or run your business. With Facebook, this has been going on for a long time. … Then, the biggest independent election stream EVER was removed. … Facebook never gave us any reason. And then after that, sort of throttling the page, saying this page can only be viewed by your fans. And they never gave us any reason.

Then Steven handed off to Bill, to explain the grounds for the lawsuit. If you’re like me, you probably deal with a lot of smug leftists who, when they hear about conservatives complaining about Facebook, “Derpy derp, don’t they have the right to run a private business and refuse service?” As Bill lays out, the rub is UNFAIR business practices. Facebook does a lot of things, we believe, that businesses AREN’T allowed to do.

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