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‘Huge amount’ of lawmakers, staff seeking therapy after Capitol riot. This could be real. Imagine if they all know what they are a part of, that it is aligned directly opposite to the citizens of the country, and engaged in all out treason against the nation. Imagine if they are of a psychology which fears direct, fair competition, to the point they will ally with a foreign adversary just to get a little leg up on everyone else. And suddenly they think all the people they were cheating show up in person, for a little direct, open confrontation and competition, and the treason is about to come to a spectacular end.

See, this is where all of these Cabal/Q-Anon/Whatever theories break down for me.

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Their existence depends on hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people knowing about them, yet somehow keeping all of it secret. And then we are supposed to believe that the very secrecy is proof positive of the existence of the theory.

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Humans don’t operate that way. There is a great deal of truth to the old adage that two people can keep a secret…if one of them is dead.

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