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SHOW NOTES: Coke Goes Woke

Louder With Crowder

Crowder gets into the racist course Coca-Cola is forcing white employees to take. He also takes a deep dive into how a minimum wage hike only helps the rich. Plus all the reasons to love Gov. Ron DeSantis. And herd immunity by April?

COKE GOES WOKE: Coca-Cola’s Anti-White Training Video | Louder with Crowder


  • New reports predict we may have herd immunity by April. SOURCE: Wall Street Journal
  • This is not due to the vaccine. Only 12.9% of the population has been vaccinated. SOURCE: NPR
  • People are getting exposed naturally and building up immunity. But don’t tell Anthony Fauci that. SOURCE: CNN
  • Fauci warns against “complacency” despite the massive decline in cases. SOURCE: CNBC


  • CLAIM: AOC supports a minimum wage hike because she thinks billionaires keep all the money for themselves! SOURCE: YouTube
    • The $15 dollar minimum wage is almost exclusively supported by the richest companies in the world. SOURCE: Amazon, Target, CNBC
    • These are the same wealthiest billionaires who saw their wealth grow by nearly $1 trillion in six months from the “pandemic.” SOURCE: Guardian
    • Contrast that with 60% of businesses open in April permanently closed by September. SOURCE: Yelp, Economic Impact
  • CLAIM: If they can’t afford a $15 minimum wage, they should close anyway! It will help the worker! SOURCE: CNN
    • Mandated minimum wages do more harm than good. The Congressional Budget Office reported 1.4 million jobs will be lost if a $15 minimum wage is enacted in March 2021. SOURCE: CBO
    • Not to mention the LITANY of examples in the real world, from American Samoa being DEVASTATED by a minimum wage law that sent tuna canneries to Georgia to a recent mandated $4 wage hike in Long Beach, resulting in Kroger just closing stores. SOURCE: Business Insider, NPR
    • Oh, and remember Amazon’s virtue-signaling in raising the $15 minimum wage? Amazon just eliminated warehouse productivity and stock options for their lowest-skilled workers, resulting in a NET LOSS of income. SOURCE: New York Times, Wired
  • CLAIM: The United States is the only country that doesn’t have a living wage! We need to be like Denmark! SOURCE: YouTube
    • Denmark doesn’t have a minimum wage. Its wages are negotiated by trade unions. SOURCE: Investopedia
    • Danes don’t have to compete with dozens of millions of unskilled migrant workers willing to take far lower wages for low-level work. SOURCE: The Conversation
    • Much of the reason these countries are successful is because of a SMALL, homogenized country with an inherently industrious culture. If you take these people and transplant them to America, their standard of living goes UP, not down.
    • Danish Americans’ living standards are 55 percent higher than those in Denmark; living standards of Swedish Americans are 53 percent higher than those in Sweden; and Finnish Americans’ living standards are 59 percent higher than those in Finland! SOURCE:
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  • Like Trump, he’s not a fan of the Fake News. SOURCE: Twitter
  • After Twitter permanently banned Trump, DeSantis introduced legislation to limit the power of Big Tech. SOURCE: YouTube
  • DeSantis also introduced a bill on increasing election security. SOURCE: FL.GOV
  • He said Florida will not mandate COVID vaccines or masks. SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times
  • He handles media criticism better. DeSantis didn’t back down from partisan attacks over his vaccine rollout plan. SOURCE: Twitter

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