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Ron DeSantis Obliterates Democrats Bending the Knee to Teachers’ Unions: ‘It’s Disgraceful …’

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Last November, President-elect Biden lashed out at a reporter. The reporter wanted to know if Joe Biden would side with science or the teachers’ unions when it came to reopening schools. Biden freaked out on him. Now that he’s President Biden, he’s ignoring the science. Actually, that’s not entirely true. “Science” is just changing its mind. The CDC director flipped. Anthony Fauci flopped. The CDC even flat-out admitted that, in the case of opening schools, they aren’t strictly following the science. If you are a Democrat and you have to choose between what the teachers’ unions want or what parents and students want, you’re most likely bending the knee to the unions. Allegedly. In my opinion. I’m sure people who decide what you’re allowed to see on Facebook disagree with me.

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One person NOT bending the knee is Ron DeSantis. The pro-science governor of Florida not only refuses to be dictated to by teachers’ unions, he’s lighting up (figuratively) Democrats who do.

The Democratic Party puts the interests of education unions and special interests ahead of the well-being of our children and of our families. These kids have been out of school in parts of this country for almost a year. And if you follow that CDC guidance, they will not go back in this school year, and they may not even go back in the fall. That is a disgrace. That is not science. That is putting politics ahead of what’s right for kids.

I’m not going to do the wink-wink, nudge-nudge thing insinuating that DeSantis may be considering a run for president. Not when there’s a poll that has him more popular than Donald Trump. He’s obviously running. Giving a speech on the teachers’ unions in the same week Joe Biden is being called out for selling out to teachers’ unions isn’t a coinsidence. DeSantis knows what he’s doing. And he has the state of Florida running as a real-world example of what a President DeSantis could do. Other Republicans considering a run need to start taking notes and making noise themselves.

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