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‘Not Today Satan!’: Meghan McCain and Marjorie Taylor Greene Clash Over Fear of ‘What the Future Holds’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is firing back after co-host of “The View” Meghan McCain said she was nervous that the freshman Georgia Congresswoman could become president one day.

McCain said on Wednesday that unless “everyone in America” tries to bring the temperature down, “I’m actually scared about what the future holds.”

“If we just keep demonizing each other, and attaching all Republicans with those lunatics on Capitol Hill, we’re going to end up with a Marjorie Taylor Greene as president, and I’m more fearful of that than possibly anything else facing us in the future,” she added.

The Georgia Congresswoman responded on Twitter, “Don’t fret, [Meghan McCain]!”

“Things could be worse … at least I didn’t vote to spend trillions of American dollars and cost thousands of American lives in the Middle East,” she added.

Her latter comments appeared to be a jab against the late-Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who voted in favor of the Iraq War resolution.

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Greene has come under fire for a series of comments she made prior to winning her Congressional seat — such as questioning whether deadly school shootings occurred.

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McCain responded to Greene’s tweet, writing, “NOT TODAY SATAN!”

McCain previously blasted Greene for her comments and suggested she should “apologize for all the garbage and bile that you have said and then put our party through.”

Greene has publicly distanced herself from her previous comments, saying, “These were words of the past, and these things do not represent me, they do not represent my (congressional) district, and they do not represent my values.”

“I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true, and I would ask questions about them and talk about them. And that is absolutely what I regret,” she added.

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