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North Carolina GOP Condemns Richard Burr After He Openly Admits to Violating the US Constitution by Voting to Convict Trump

The Gateway Pundit

Richard Burr

The Senate voted 57-43 to acquit Donald Trump on Saturday.

7 Republican Senators voted with Democrats to convict Trump.

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr is one of seven Republicans who voted “guilty” to convict President Donald Trump on Saturday — and by his own admission, he violated the US Constitution in doing so.

Burr, who split from Republican voters and sided with the Democrats, released a statement following his vote that contained an admission that he believes he violated the Constitution.

“When this process started, I believed that it was unconstitutional to impeach a president who was no longer in office. I still believe that to be the case. However, the Senate is an institution based on precedent, and given that the majority in the Senate voted to proceed with this trial, the question of constitutionality is now established precedent,” Burr’s statement said.

The North Carolina Republican Party released a weak statement condemning Richard Burr:

Raleigh, NC – The Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party Michael Whatley released the following statement following Senator Burr’s contradictory impeachment vote.

“North Carolina Republicans sent Senator Burr to the United States Senate to uphold the Constitution and his vote today to convict in a trial that he declared unconstitutional is shocking and disappointing.”

Richard Burr doesn’t care about the US Constitution and he isn’t worried about upsetting North Carolina voters because he is retiring and will not seek reelection when his term expires next year.

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