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No, President Trump, Don’t Trust Lindsey Graham.

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Graham, Trump huddle to talk GOP’s 2022 strategy | TheHill

Senate Republicans have signaled that they are ready to move on while acknowledging that it’s far from clear the former president or the party base will let them.


Trump lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell after the Kentucky Republican said during a floor speech that the former president was “morally responsible” for the attack carried out by his supporters.


McConnell’s speech drew criticism from some members of the caucus — namely Graham and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who argued he didn’t speak for most Senate Republicans.


GOP operatives have warned that a high-profile feud could hurt the party’s chances of winning back the House and Senate next year.

Unless you unite behind Trump and Trumpism, we will destroy  your chances of winning back the House and Senate, and your GOPe right along with them.

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I am not especially cheered by Trump’s purported willingness to work with people like Graham, whom I trust not at all.  Trump’s track record in trusting people like Graham has not worked out very well for him.  And he still seems naive about what he is facing.

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Maybe when the Dem/GOPe attacks on him in NY courts end up stripping a couple billion from his remaining fortune, as well as jailing him and his family, he’ll discover that screeching about “witch hunts” don’t provide him with any real protection.

Only we can do that.  But the GOPe certainly won’t.  And Graham is GOPe to the core.

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