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Nikki Haley and GOPe Delenda Est

Daily Pundit

Establishment Favorite Nikki Haley Digs Knife Into President Trump’s Back – “we shouldn’t have followed him” – The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge

CTH has been warning about Nikki Haley ever since she asked Sarah Palin to help her win the South Carolina Governor’s race, and then stabbed Palin in the back with the most derisive negative commentary thereafter.  Haley would never have been governor without Palin; those who know politics know this is absolutely true…. And Haley is a snake.

These GOPe douchebags are dead certain that Trump and his supporters are no longer a factor, and it is now safe to let their true colors fly.  I believe I understand her thinking, though.  She assumes everything is back to normal, and sometime in the future the GOPe will take power again and, if nothing else, she’ll be rewarded for her et tu, Brute act with a cabinet position. But she’s finished in politics unless she runs as the Democrat she is.  The GOPe will never take power again, not if it depends on the votes of Trump people to do so.

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Don’t vote for these people!  If the GOPe dies because of it, what replaces it will be better than what we have now.

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