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Mitt Romney Is Mocked and Ridiculed On Flight To DC From Utah By Patriots On Way To “Stop the Steal” Rally In DC: “Traitor…Traitor!” [VIDEO]

Failed presidential candidate, Senator Mitt Romney (“R”-UT) was on a packed flight from Utah to Washington DC when the arrogant RINO was met with shouts of “Traitor…traitor!” by his constituents in the back of the plane who were on their way to the “Stop the Steal” rally in support of President Trump.

Romney, along with the typical never-Trump US Senators like Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), have already announced they won’t support the will of their constituents and fight back against voter fraud in at least 6 critical swing states by rejecting their electoral votes for Biden. Their decision has angered millions of Americans who believe the November election was stolen in a few Democrat stronghold counties in 6 critical swing states.

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Ever since Mitt Romney was elected to replace the retired, Trump-supporting Senator Orrin Hatch, he’s revealed himself over and over again as a reliable vote for the Democratic Party, his most recent decision is no exception. This time around, Republicans and Independents who saw the incredible support for Trump at his massive rallies with their own eyes, while Joe Biden campaigned from his basement, are not going to sit back and take it as they have for the past couple of decades—they’re fighting back—and the fight is about to begin in Washington tomorrow.

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Unfortunately for Mitt, he is just getting a small taste of what the next 4 years are going to look like for him—and it’s not going to be pretty for anyone standing on the side against freedom.

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