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Mark Cuban Humiliated by NBA After Announcing “No More Anthem” at Mavericks’ Games

Mark Cuban, a man who has been afforded an amazing life thanks to the United States of America, announced today that his Dallas Mavericks NBA team will no longer play the national anthem at his team’s home games.


From Big Leassue Politics 

The national anthem will not be played prior to Dallas Mavericks home games for the foreseeable future, team owner Mark Cuban confirmed to The Athletic.

The site also reported that this was Cuban’s decision.

None of the preseason or regular season games played at American Airlines Center have featured the Star-Spangled Banner. All but one of those games have been played without fans. The first home game with limited attendance was Monday night’s contest between the Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves, a game the Mavericks won 127-122.

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Multiple team employees told The Athletic that they only noticed the removal of the anthem on their own, saying it was never announced or explained internally. There is also no reason to believe that any elaboration will be forthcoming. Both Cuban and the Mavericks organization declined The Athletic’s requests for comment or explanation.

But in a shocking twist, the China-run NBA actually disagreed with Mark’s anti-American move and they issued a statement saying the anthem will be played before all games.

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I guess they’re hoping not to lose more fans with this latest communist stunt by Cuban.

And in a very predictable twist, Cuban issued a statement claiming that “anthem playing” is offensive to so many people who feel like the words don’t represent them –  and then he blathered on about “unity.”

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Um, what exactly are we all supposed to unify under if not the anthem? The trans flag or soy lattes, perhaps?

This country has gone to hell in a handbasket because we’ve all allowed this very small group of radical communists to run amuck.


And the most insulting part in all of this is that instead of criticizing China – the NBA overlords – Cuban attacks the United States, arguably still freer than China (so far).

This is typical leftist anti-American garbage, and the best way to send these radicals a message is to stop watching and attending any and all NBA games.

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