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Man Harasses Woman — and Her Elderly Mother — for Not Masking Up Fast Enough

Louder With Crowder

I’m about to saying something that might be misconstrued as running contrary to the CDC. Never! Perish the thought! We should all be following the CDC guidelines when it comes to wearing masks. However, if you take out your phone to harass a woman and her mother for not masking up fast enough, you are in fact the asshole.

Set aside the fact that if you’re a man who likes to harass women for not masking up, you’re not much of a man. Allegedly, in my opinion. I’m guessing most of the men who work at Facebook deciding what you’re allowed to see might disagree. But this woman? CLEARLY not an anti-masker. Not only did she have masks in her hand, but she also had her mom’s in a ziplock bag with “mom’s mask” written on it. This looks like two people who just entered a store not putting their masks on YET, when some buttmunch started recording and threatening to call a manager. That’s not a Karen cliche, either. He actually said, “you’re going to be escorted from the store.”

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I wear a mask. If you start harassing me as soon as I start shopping for forgetting to put it on, I’m going to tell you where to stick your smartphone too.

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