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Larwyn’s Linx: Was the US Election Stolen?

Doug Ross @ Journal

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Was the US Election Stolen?: Soeren Kern
Sidney Powell Updates on Developments in Key States: CTH
If election issues are not fixed, elected state Republicans must refuse to certify: Robert Zimmerman

Whistleblower documents electronic voting fraud in sworn affidavit: Jan Jekielek
Can We Say Again? Third County in Georgia Finds More Missing Votes, Most for Trump: RS
Georgia Recount a Test for Dominion Voting Systems’ Reliability: Virginia Allen

The Obama-Trump Transition Was More Like Sedition: Julie Kelly
The Right to Worship Even in a Pandemic: Betsy McCaughey
Ilhan Omar Likens Trump Rallies to ‘Klan Rallies’: Alex Nester

Trump’s Only Road to Victory: Alan M. Dershowitz
Sidney Powell: Here’s What a Smartmatic Whistleblower Said About Voter Fraud: Beth Baumann
While New Yorkers Suffer Amid Pandemic, Andrew Cuomo Is Getting A Pay Raise: Hank Berrien

Amnon Free Press:  An Appeal to Heaven


Discrimination Doesn’t Explain Problems Facing Black Community: Walter E. Williams
Student Loan Forgiveness a Regressive Policy That Hurts Working-Class Americans: Lindsey Burke

Scandal Central

Yes, dead people voted in this election and Democrats helped make it happen: Tucker Carlson
Nevada – Trump Campaign Team Lawsuit: More Than “15,000 People Voted In Nevada and Another State”: CTH
Pennsylvania Supreme Court reverses ruling in election-observers case: Bruce Golding

6 Takeaways as Facebook, Twitter CEOs Testify at Senate Hearing: Fred Lucas
Cruz blasts Twitter CEO for warning messages on tweets about voter fraud: Times
Zuckerberg and Feinstein Discuss The U.S. “Ministry of Truth” Program: CTH


Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”: Peter Kafka
A Twitter Tale of Two Timestamps: DTG
Fox News Feels the Heat as Morning Joe Beats Fox and Friends for the First Time in 20 Years: RS

Amnon Free Press:  Teacher Reportedly Attacks 12-Year-Old for Trump Support, Calls Trump 'Racist' and 'Pedophile'

Grading Nate Silver: Wizbang
SuperCut: Trump Was Like Hitler!: David Rutz
‘Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27: Cabot Phillips


Iran Is Already Saying No to Joe Biden: David Suissa
America’s Might Rated as ‘Marginal’ Again in Index of Military Strength: Rachel del Guidice
Navy Successfully Tests Groundbreaking Missile Defense System: Jack Beyrer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine now 95% effective, to be submitted to FDA ‘within days’: Anthony Leonardi
The Climate Hustle: John Stossel
Observers Shocked at Greta Thunberg’s Inability to Answer a Simple Question Without a Script: Summit


Accident Prevention for Trump Supporters: Cube
Distaff Meeting: Stilton’s Place
Open Thread Today, Kids!: MOTUS


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