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Kamala Harris Dodges Questions About When Schools Will Reopen (VIDEO)

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The post Kamala Harris Dodges Questions About When Schools Will Reopen (VIDEO) appeared first on American Lookout.

Kamala Harris did an interview on NBC News this week and repeatedly dodged questions about schools reopening.

The host pressed her about the CDC guidelines which say kids can go back to school.

Harris hemmed and hawed about safety and vaccinating teachers. Parents deserve better than this.

The New York Post reports:

Kamala Harris fumbles when challenged on school reopenings in ‘Today’ interview

Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly dodged questions about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines on school reopenings under the Biden administration in a Wednesday morning interview.

Speaking to NBC’s “Today” show, Harris was pressed continually on the CDC’s guidance released last week on their phased reopening of schools, specifically on the point that teachers are not required to be vaccinated.

Asked if it was a mistake that the guidance would keep 90 percent of schools closed for in-person learning, Harris would only say that it was the administration’s priority to get schools’ doors open.

“In the last four weeks, schools are opening, every week more schools are opening,” the vice president told host Savannah Guthrie. “And it is because we are supplementing what needs to happen around the vaccinations getting into states, but also because we are seeing progress, folks are wearing masks when they’re getting vaccinated, when they’re social distancing, we’re seeing progress there.”

“But we all want the schools to reopen, Savannah, all of us who have children in our lives. They want to go back to school, we want them to go back to school, teachers want to teach.”

Here’s the video:

Schools in Florida have been open for months.

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Biden and Harris are being held back by the teacher unions, it’s as simple as that.

The post Kamala Harris Dodges Questions About When Schools Will Reopen (VIDEO) appeared first on American Lookout.

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