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I think Trump is finished, other than maybe doing the occasional rally here and there.  But he’d make a good figurehead  and elder statesman for a New Party actually organized by his sons – who I hope would keep their brother-in-law Jared at arms-length on the deal.

If they could sign up 70%, that would be enough to consign the GOPe to its final grave.  We really don’t want 100% of the current GOPe, because then we’d have the same greasy mokes who backstabbed America for the last several decades.

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My favorite daydream:  Mitch the Bitch, the Maineaic, the Alaskan Snowblower, Sissy Sasse and the restof that ilk announcing they were leaviing the GOPe for the New Party, and the New Party saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.  We don’t want you.  Try the Democrats, you’re a better fit with them”

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Ah, perchance to dream….

Now, do a poll of Democrats and see how many would defect to a new “Trump Party.”

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