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Inflation? What Inflation?

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U.S. Home Prices Pass 2005’s Peak Level | ZeroHedge

“Where’s the inflation?” Central Bankers will undoubtedly and rhetorically ask critics and skeptics at a variety of upcoming speeches. 


Meanwhile, U.S. housing prices have finally eclipsed their peak from 2005 in the years leading up to the Great Recession. Note that at the beginning of 2021, we said real estate was entering the year in a “massive bubble”. 


A combination of low interest rates and trillions in freshly printed dollars has led to the the median price of a single family home rising 14.9% to $315,000 in Q4. It was “the biggest surge in data going back to 1990, according to the National Association of Realtors,” according to Bloomberg.

Nothing to see here.  Go back to sleep.  The experts are in charge.

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