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If health officials want to win the COVID-19 fight, they need to tell us what they know


Theresa Tam, the country’s chief public health officer, took to the podium again on Tuesday and resurrected an old refrain from the first wave of the pandemic: “Let’s plank the curve, Canada.”

That messaging — along with the blunt lockdown it entailed for many parts of the country — may have eventually worked the first time, but it’s not working the second time around.

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Federal pleas for Canadians to do their part — pare back all their outings to only the essentials and stay home as much as possible — is being ignored. The case count continues to climb.

It’s time for a different type of message — clear, consistent, and backed up by deep, transparent, hyperlocal details that will help individuals and businesses make better decisions that don’t just preserve elements of their lifestyles but protect lives at the same time.

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