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If A Forest Burns But Nobody Sees It, Was There Really a Fire?

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Fisking the WaPo Editor Who Is Sad He Doesn’t Get To Act Like The Mafia Anymore | Monster Hunter Nation

Sorry. My title is misleading. The mafia has more honor and dignity than the American news media.

This is a bitterly hilarious takedown of a malignantly pompous windbag from the House Organ of Mordor on the Potomac who laments the fact that because Americans no longer trust the vile bullshit his paper peddles, it – and presumably he – have lost much of their power.  Which of course means that America is doomed without the Bezos Blog’s guiding hand – or, well, controlling hand.

Amnon Free Press:  England Goes Back Into Lockdown After COVID-19 Cases Pass 1 Million

Because this is Larry Correia responding to obvious bullshit from somebody with all the self awareness of a nematode, you will enjoy it, and so I link to it.  But, in line with my comment this morning in the OT thread, what is really new here?  That WaPo is filled with lying, power-crazed liberal fascists?  Yeah, and water is wet.  Next?

Amnon Free Press:  Expert’s stunning conclusion: China’s killing Americans ‘deliberately’

Not really.  So enjoy the Fisk for the skill in which it is administered, but, as I say, there’s not much new in the content of the burn.  Either we already knew this, we people who read writers like Corriea, or we are utterly oblivious, as are the bubble people of Progtardia.

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