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Hot as a Crock Pot, Sharp As a Knife

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Cooking Tips: Slice and Sizzle Part One | The Most Violent Element

This is not a recipe thread. You can find millions of recipes on the internet. Instead, this is about fundamental cooking technologies and techniques. There will be recipes, but only to illustrate cooking techniques. If you acquire just a handful of home cooking techniques, your options for survival increase exponentially. This series will focus on those skills which are easiest to acquire and which do the most good. (I assume no prior knowledge or experience. If it come across as condescending, relax. I’m not condescending to you, I’m condescending to someone other than you.)


Just about every kitchen has a range, an oven, and a microwave. You’ll also need a cutting board and a kitchen knife. The first knife you need is what’s called a French knife or Chef’s knife.

MM’s wonderful blog continues to be a treasure chest of wit, wisdom, good writing, and a dash of craziness here and there for seasoning.

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Do read this piece.  I, as was revealed by the fact that I cooked most of my holiday dinners this year in crock pots (I have three) should tell you that I am in agreement with MM on the matter of these utensils.  One caveat:  Fresh green beans take literally forever to cook in one of them.

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Knives?  Boy, do I have knives.  For many years my everyday knife was an eight inch chef.  Then I switched to a seven inch santoku.  Now I find that I am back to using the same type of knife I used when I first started to train in a professional kitchen – a ten inch chef.  It is, for me, the do-everything knife.  

He’s got a lot more going on there, though, so check it out.

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