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“Helmet Boy”: Uses Helmet at Capitol Riot But Skateboards Without One, Arrested with Long Criminal Record

The Gateway Pundit

The man known as “Helmet Boy” was recently arrested for his actions at the Capitol on January 6th.  He has a long record and it’s highly unlikely this guy was there to support President Trump.

The USA Today reported:

A man has been arrested in Lancaster County for allegedly trying to breach a doorway inside the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6 with a crowd that included Ashli Babbit, the woman shot and killed by officers that day.

Zachary Jordan Alam joins 12 other people in Pennsylvania who have been charged in the attack on the Capitol, which followed a rally for then-President Donald Trump. Five people died in the insurrection, including a police officer.

(The USA Today is not actually correct when they say “five people died in the insurrection”.  For one it wasn’t an insurrection, not close.  For two, only four people died that day, all Trump supporters, the policeman died the following day of still unknown causes.)

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An individual by the name of Zachary Jordan Alam has a long record in the state of Virginia.   He was involved in numerous crimes including being a fugitive with a felony arrest:

Court documents also show that Alam had been charged at least a half dozen times since 2016.

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He also produced a video where he tried out a skateboard motor and comments on his ride.  One of the comments what that he wasn’t wearing his helmet:

This is more evidence that the individuals at the Capitol on January 6th were not there to protest the stolen election, they were there to cause trouble and embarrass the President and his peaceful protesters.

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