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GOPe Delenda Est! Toward A New Second Party

Daily Pundit

Support for a Third Party Reaches All-Time High, Making It Likely There Is a New Coalition Forming

It seems more than possible that a platform that returns us to intelligent energy independence, a foreign policy that clearly defines our allies and enemies, with a focus on Americans’ prosperity and security at its core, could appeal to a broad coalition. A return to a shared and more patriotic national identity is popular among 57% of likely voters. The party that can define it, communicate it authentically, and find candidates to support it will be the undeniable winner in the future.

I prefer to call the New Party what it will be – a second party to take up the traditional opposition to the liberal fascist progressive party, ie., the Democrat Party.  Whatever it is called, it will relegate the GOPe to third party status, along with the Libertardians and the Greens.

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I still like the notion of calling it the Populist Patriot Party.

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