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Geomagnetic Storm Expected To Strike Earth’s Magnetic Field Today 

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Geomagnetic Storm Expected To Strike Earth’s Magnetic Field Today 

A minor (G1-class) geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for Jan. 6 as a coronal mass ejection (CME) is expected to strike Earth’s magnetic field, according to SpaceWeather

On Jan. 2, the Sun released a blast of energy that has taken at least four days to reach Earth. 

“The fact that it has taken at least four days to reach Earth marks the CME as a slow-mover; the longer it takes to arrive, the weaker its impact will be,” said. 

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory filmed the eruption from the Sun. 

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NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Center shows the Planetary K-index, used to characterize the magnitude of geomagnetic storms, is already showing the Earth’s magnetic field is being disrupted at the moment.

The Sun’s highly-charged particles slamming into the Earth’s atmosphere should produce auroras. 

For the most part, the solar storm appears to be weak. It may not have the intensity to disrupt satellite-based technology that powers GPS navigation, mobile phone signal, and satellite TV. 

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How Solar Storms Disrupt Technology On Earth 

Last month researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research discovered that the Sun is about to wake up into a new solar cycle that could make solar storms a regular occurrence, something that may jeopardize the digital economy. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/06/2021 – 12:00

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