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Flubros and Flubras! Day 238 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

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It’s just the flu, bro. So we have curfews in California and other US jurisdictions. We have lockdown insanity in Scotland with all gyms shutdown and massive restrictions on movement. Scotland is a dump of a place…the desire for actual freedom which was seen in Braveheart has been totally gone for at least 100 years. In contrast to the above we have Desantis in Florida. He says no new lockdowns. He is a true leader. When a politician goes against the grain to do the right thing then that politician has earned a massive amount of goodwill that will not…

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Amnon Free Press:  Biden's Empty Victory (National Review)

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Amnon Free Press:  Lucille Bridges, mother of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges, dead at 86

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