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Fed-Up Ann Coulter Just Called Dems “Hysterical and Weepy” For Crying Over Capitol Melee

Conservatives have been dealing with leftist violence and hate for five or so years now.


We’ve been canceled, de-platformed, and fired from our jobs. We’ve been abused for wearing MAGA hats, had our homes vandalized for putting up a “Trump” political sign, chased down while coming out of rallies, kicked, slapped, beat, and even killed.

We’ve been escorted off of violent college campuses simply for having a differing opinion, shot at on baseball fields, store owners have been targeted and abused, and successful business owners like Mike Lindell have been decimated.

We’ve been arrested for making memes, demonized by the fake news media, and labeled “domestic terrorists” by Democrats.

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We’ve been used by people like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace as “racist” pawns in elaborate PR stunts.

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So, no, it hasn’t been easy being a conservative.

Yet, even after all of that  – and while the media has ignored everything we’ve gone through – we’re now subjected to watching rich, pampered politicians cry and whine, and turn the entire county upside down simply because they felt scared for an hour or two.


That’s the message fed-up conservative writer Ann Coulter had when she took to Twitter to bash “weepy and hysterical” Dems.

Here’s what she said: “I can’t believe how weepy and hysterical the Dems are for something that happens regularly to conservative speakers on college campuses, random store owners, police precincts, etc etc etc etc etc.”

You may not agree with Ann on everything, but ya gotta admit, she’s nailed this one to the wall.

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It’s stomach-turning watching these elite politicians act like January 6th was on the same level as 9/11.

Meanwhile, these same politicians sat quietly while their supporters burned down the country in riots that killed over 20 people and destroyed countless American businesses.  Dems even helped the bad guys by promoting bail funds to get them back on the streets.


So, now, to see them crying on the House floor, impeaching President Trump, and turning DC into a military wasteland over the incident at the Capitol, where a Trump supporter was the only one shot and killed, is the most shameful example of craven elitism you can find.

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