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Escape From New York? Probably Too Late Now.

Daily Pundit

Democrats in Albany Set to Push State Further Leftward

As if a second wave of Covid-19 infections weren’t enough, New York’s prospects for economic recovery will face new headwinds—from Albany.

When most of the state’s record 1.9 million mail-in ballots were finally counted this week, it became clear that the New York State Senate’s existing 40-member Democratic majority would grow by at least two seats—giving them their first-ever two-thirds supermajority of the 63-member chamber, enough to override gubernatorial vetoes.

Well, I’d say they voted for it, and deserve to get what they voted for, good and hard.

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That said, we can’t be certain they voted for it in this election, at least.

But they certainly did in previous elections, so the sentiment stands.  And you non-urban conservatives?  Well, it’s obvious that the ballot box isn’t going to work.  Maybe you should move on the next box option?

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