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Did evangelicals swing to Biden? Not hardly.

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The 2020 election will be remembered as the first presidential election to take place during a global pandemic, a record turnout that brought to the polls the largest number of eligible voters since 1900, and recounts and legal challenges not seen since the Florida recount of 2000, which wasn’t resolved until the Supreme Court ruled in December. But whatever else will be remembered about 2020, one fact is clear: evangelical Christians voted in the largest numbers in modern American political history, and they gave President Donald Trump more votes than any presidential candidate had ever received. According to network exit…

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Amnon Free Press:  Joe Biden Told Milken Conference ‘I’m Not Running’ in 2020: I’d Be ‘in a Walker’

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Amnon Free Press:  Trump Fires Back After Obama Says He Shouldn’t Fill SCOTUS Vacancy

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