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Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin Falsely Claims Trump Supporters Took Part in “Burning of a Church”

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House impeachment manager Rep Jamie Raskin falsely claimed that Trump supporters took part in the “burning of a church” and “impaled” police officers during his speech in the Senate yesterday.

“That’s before the second Million MAGA March – a rally that ended in serious violence, and even the burning of a church,” said Raskin.

That statement is manifestly false. Trump supporters never set fire to a church.

The historic St John’s Church in Washington, DC was set ablaze by violent extremists back in May, but the culprits behind that were Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

Either Raskin has confused the two or he is deliberately mistaking the burning of a BLM flag by former FBI informant and Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. The flag was stolen from a church, but at no point was a church set on fire.

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Raskin went on to claim that Trump supporters were responsible for “horrific images of officers being impaled and smashed over the head.”

As Chris Menahan writes, “WUSA9 released a report where their reporter speculated that “it looked like” one “rioter” wanted to “impale” an officer — but they never claimed any such “impaling” ever took place.”

“Raskin repeated the impaling claim again when he started fake crying about his 24-year-old daughter allegedly telling him she didn’t “want” to return to the Capitol.”

The officer who fell sick during the riot inhaled pepper spray and then later died due to a stroke, according to his family. He did not die as a result of being “smashed over the head” by a Trump supporter.

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As we highlighted earlier, Democrats at the impeachment hearing also lied about Senator Lee’s comments relating to President Trump’s conversation with Senator Tuberville.


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