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China is already waging war on America


America better face down China now before the other shoe drops


Worldwide Military Threat

From Taiwan to the South China Sea across the Pacific Basin and down to the Antarctic then up again to the Arctic as well as in Latin America, Europe, Africa and across Asia, the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party know no limits. The power-mad regime of Xi Jinping poses the most existential threat to the United States that we have seen since the demise of the Soviet Union.

When I was in junior high school in 1962, we did drop drills. That was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Our teacher would be talking about some unrelated subject and all of a sudden yell at the top of her voice DROP!!! and we would dive underneath our desks away from potential flying window glass which was somehow supposed to safeguard us against a nuclear attack. Go figure!

So, having lived through that era, what I’m saying now is not paranoia. That kind of drop drill was certainly unrealistic. But Beijing right now is much more determined than Moscow ever was, in my estimation, to totally eliminate the United States as a world power and to subjugate us in every way.

But, while Donald Trump’s administration is doing a really heroic job of building up our forces to counteract Chinese hegemony, China is attacking us on multiple fronts and with multiple methods even right here in River City!

Political Control of Countries Around the World

Even as they subvert our allies around the world with their debt-trap diplomacy disguised as their Belt and Road Initiative, they have active measures deployed within our own borders.

Now that we’ve set the scene on what is happening globally, let’s focus on the threat right here in our own country.


China is the most populous country in the world with nearly a billion and a half people. Most of them are as decent as you and I. But they are suffering at the hands of their own government. Whether they be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Falun Gong or whatever, Xi Jinping has elevated himself to the status of a pseudo-deity demanding worship, which of course constitutes blasphemy for members of many religions and ideologies. The General Secretary of the CCP is especially offended and threatened by the First Commandment handed down by Yahweh to Moses which says thou shalt have no other gods before me. So Xi orders that their show-churches replace the Ten Commandments with his own sayings on their altars.

Any man and any regime that would do that to people of their own country certainly could do no less evil to the citizens of America. Donald Trump understands this and has closed Chinese consulates and kept Chinese infiltrators at bay. But Joe Biden, if he were to become president, which thankfully he will not, would be totally subject to the will of the Chinese Communist Party. We still don’t know the extent of his son Hunter Biden’s dealings or his own personal involvement therein. The media which accused Trump of collusion with Russia are giving Biden a totally free ride because he is their guy. That should surprise exactly nobody.

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With 51 days until January 20, 2021, which will be the end of the first term of President Donald Trump, what we do now will alter history. The future of the world depends upon us. That is not hyperbole. That is a cold hard fact.

Please take a few moments to read this and then come back:

Should President Trump declare martial law if the Deep State is staging a coup d’état?

What is the nexus between China and Iran? Basically it comes down to greed for power. Don’t spend too much time delving into the ideology of Karl Marx or Muhammad. They may seem strange bedfellows, but they have a common enemy. It is the person you see when you look in your mirror while brushing your teeth.

We will scrutinize the Islamic Republic of Iran in more depth in the near future. The recent assassination of the head of their nuclear program by Israel will definitely lead to retaliation. Whatever role the United States may or may not have played in that assassination, in the mind of the Ayatollah, both America and Israel are the ones that stand in their way.

The case filed by Sidney Powell in Georgia on Thanksgiving Eve identifies both China and Iran as actively involved in the subversion of our presidential election. The fact that these foreign hostile nations have suborned Americans to sell out our own country has caused this attempt to deny Donald Trump his rightful victory and re-election to be cast more in the light of a domestic coup d’état.

But the attempt of one country to overthrow the government of another country is an act of war. China is not ready to risk the retaliation at this point, at least hopefully, to deploy a nuke or an EMP to totally wipe us from the face of the earth. They have gone basically unscathed after unleashing the CCP virus on the world, backing riots in American streets by BLM/Antifa with the complicity of the Democrat Party, so they thought they could go undetected and get away with helping Joe Biden steal this election so he can be their man in the White House to carry out their will here in this country while allowing them to run amok all over the planet.


I have previously addressed the treason by Americans along with the potential need for martial law if compromised American civilian agencies are now on the dark side. So, at this point we need to consider what has to be done to stop China, Iran and any other foreign hostile countries in their tracks.

This is a time for President Trump and for patriotic members of Congress, which by the way, does not mean every member of that body, to speak out and specifically identify China, even declassifying information that absolutely confirms Beijing’s role in supporting the losing faction in this presidential election to try to unseat President Trump to further the interests of the CCP contrary to the will of the American people.

Because President Trump would be viewed incorrectly as partisan and self-serving if he does this, I’m going to direct this plea to those members of the United States Senate specifically who know what has happened and who truly care about the survival of our constitutional republic to make this known. Serve notice on Xi Jinping and everyone in the CCP that we are preparing the appropriate response to what they have done.

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I do follow the exploits to the degree that my stomach can handle it of personages on Capitol Hill. Most of it I dismiss as political theater. I do not listen to the ranting and raving of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi at all. Frankly, I don’t even spend a lot of time listening to Mitch McConnell. They all have a vested interest in maintaining their own positions and are not about to sacrifice their power just by doing the right thing. That just wouldn’t be the political thing to do, would it?

So, who then?

Senator Rand Paul, though I do not necessarily agree with all his libertarian leanings, tends to be much more candid than most of his colleagues. Then a young Senator who has recently caught my attention as not only super-qualified but also courageous and audacious enough to stand for the truth even when it isn’t necessarily personally politically expedient is Senator Josh Hawley of the Show Me State. I spent a little while in Sedalia, Missouri as a preteen when my older brother was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base in beautiful downtown Knob Noster. After President Trump completes his second term, in 2024 this may be the person we need to look to, to continue his conservative legacy. That’s just an honest observation and not an attempt to butter him up.

Whether it be Rand Paul or Josh Hawley or some other Senator, or potentially a brave and patriotic soul in the House of Representatives, the Legislative Branch needs to reassert its rightful role. Formal Declarations of War are made by Congress. I do NOT suggest that one is warranted at this time against China or Iran or any other specific country.

But, two things need to happen. One is to publicly acknowledge what these two countries have done to try to steal this election. The other is to conduct hearings about the proper recourse expeditiously. Of course right now the highest priority is guaranteeing the sanctity of this presidential election. When the U.S. Supreme Court rules that fraud has indeed occurred, the remedy could send this election into Congress. The House would determine the President and the Senate would determine the VP.


When we deal with foreign enemies, America must speak with one voice. Right now that voice is NOT Joseph Robinette Biden. President and Commander-in-Chief Donald John Trump speaks for America. Our U.S. Congress needs to be on the same sheet of music. The Battle Hymn of the Republic would be an appropriate anthem. Whatever you do, don’t let it be Taps!

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