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BREAKING LIVE VIDEO: Vice President Pence Resides Over Historic Joint Session of Congress

Vice President Mike Pence is about to make the most historic decision of his political career.

Will he send back the Electoral College votes to the 6 contested states or will he allow the Democrats to steal the election?

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania State Senate sent a letter to the United States Congress where they listed a number of concerning issues and voter “irregularities” related to the November election. Near the end of their letter, the Pennsylvania State Senate asks the United States Congress to delay certification of the Electoral College to allow due process as they “pursue election integrity in our Commonwealth.

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Will Vice President Pence respect the will of the people or will he allow the pressure by the Democrat Party media to influence his decision? We will find out very soon, as the first objection to the Arizona Electoral College votes has been made by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).

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